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Justice is What Love Looks Like in Public – Dr. Cornell West

In solidarity with global movements, I stand for justice, peace, liberation, and joy for all beings. I know that we are interconnected and interdependent - the toxic patterns of dominant culture impact everyone. Beyond just being inclusive, I actively work to refine my anti-oppressive lens and uncolonize my body-mind. I am committed to dismantling systems of oppression, healing unresolved trauma, and building healthy communities. When I lean into discomfort, perhaps someone else can lean into ease. I continually explore how to use my privilege to redistribute power and center love in our communities. In big and small ways, I make reparations to ensure we all have the opportunities and resources needed to thrive.

“A commitment to ethics begins with recognizing that everything we do makes waves. These waves begin in body, speech, and mind, and ripple through our lives and those of others.” – Michael Stone

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