Various models of the Chakra system have

been incorporated into many spiritual practices for thousands of years & now

scientific research is beginning to validate these forms of traditional wisdom.

We are all unique vibratory beings with our own energy signature. Medical intuitive Caroline Myss speaks to our cellular memory: “Every thought and experience you’ve ever had in your life gets filtered through these chakra databases. Each event is recorded into your cells. In other words, your biography becomes your biology.”   

Learning ancient & modern tools for self healing can empower us to cultivate

balance on all dimensions of being.

Through the ages, widespread and diverse

cultures have named a vital force that permeates and orchestrates all of life. As noted by Joy Gardner: "The human body is made up of frequencies that form a harmonic and balanced whole when a person is healthy". 


Your body is composed of both gross and subtle channels of energy. The Hatha Yoga Pradipika & Goraksha Samhita

reference 72,000 subtle energy channels.

As these channels cross, a vortex of energy, called a Chakra, is created. 

Most scholars agree that the Chakra system originated in India more than 4,000 years ago & that all of the many definitions have evolved from the Sanskrit word Chakra, meaning "wheel of light".

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"In a fragmented world where mind is severed from body, culture from planet, and the material from the spiritual, we have a deep need for systems that allow us to reclaim our wholeness" – Anodea Judith

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