"Another world is not only possible. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing."  Arundhati Roy

 Justice is What Love Looks Like in Public. - Cornell West
In solidarity with global movements, I stand for justice, peace, collective liberation, well-being and joy! I know that all oppression is connected. I honour life as sacred and practice trauma-stewardship. I see unity in diversity. I am actively anti-racist and work from an anti-oppressive lens. I continually work to address my biases and beliefs; when I lean into discomfort perhaps someone else can lean into easeI explore how to use my privilege to bring people in from the margins, redistribute power, and center love in our communities. As we widen our circles of care, we create systems that genuinely benefit all beings and the Earth as a whole.
“A commitment to ethics begins with recognizing that everything we do makes waves. These waves begin in body, speech, and mind, and ripple through our lives and those of others.” – Michael Stone

Since 2010, I have explored Tantra (the esoteric traditions of Buddhism and Hinduism) as a practical path that is all-embracing of life's inherent ups and downs. Tantra Yoga practitioners explore rituals and meditation focused on liberation to experience union with the divine in every experience, whether "good" or bad".


I honour Yoga's roots, reaching back over 5,000 years. Since 2012, I have shared teachings from a people and culture that are not my own. This has given me pause at points on my path, and I continue to show up as a lifelong student of Yoga. I am also gratefully inspired by the Celtic spirituality of my Welsh and Irish ancestors, and wisdom traditions worldwide. As an Animist, I believe that all things - creatures great and small, plants, trees, rocks, rivers, human handiwork and words possess a distinct spiritual essence.

Ottawa stands on unceded Algonquin and Anishinabek territory. May we honour Indigenous people around the world for a long legacy of resilience to colonial forces and acknowledge the well of wisdom they carry. I support all Calls for Action of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission.
Through my work, I create welcoming spaces for every body - people of all ages, races, genders, sexual orientation and identity, abilities, religions, and socio-economic background. Income need not be a barrier to accessing services; I privately offer Tiered Pricing to ensure that everyone can gather trauma-informed tools. Please reach out if you are curious about options for working together.
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