"Yoga Therapy is not a single lineage or tradition, but the recognition that all of the different facets of yoga contribute to health and healing at all dimensions of our being." - Joseph Le Page
The root of therapy is actually self-care, and Kathleen is a compassionate ally and guide.  


Yoga Therapy combines these powerful tools: Pranayama (breathing techniques), Asana (physical postures), Mantra (self-created sounds) Mudra (symbolic hand gestures or attitudes) and Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation) with various forms of meditation. 
Kathleen's training includes Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT) - an experiential approach for safely exploring the various dimensions of being based on a vision of health as unity of body-mind-spirit; and LifeForce Yoga (LFY) - a practice of compassion that creates a container big enough to embrace and accept all the dualities of mood.  LFY is an evidence-based approach to treating depression, anxiety and related issues.  

Yoga Therapy is not a substitute for medical attention; it is a complementary modality. Instead of offering a diagnosis, treating symptoms and attempting to cure, the goal is to facilitate deeper transformation.  This approach is beneficial for people dealing with a range of challenges: from the stress of daily living to trauma to chronic conditions.

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