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"Kathleen is remarkable! I find her classes soothing and reassuring in these turbulent, unprecedented times. I wish I could share her with the world. There is something magical and calming about her voice. I feel peace and serenity after every class. I've been attending her classes regularly and I'm amazed how every session is a bit different." -- Therapeutic Yoga client


"A message of thanks and deep appreciation for your presence. The clarity and refinement of your teaching creates a profound experience. I felt deeply nourished. I crave a pocket-Kathleen that I could carry with me speaking soothing rhythmic truths to me throughout my day. What you are offering is so needed. There is a TED talk on resilience just waiting to be created by you." -- Rituals for Resilience client

"Thank you Kathleen for being so dedicated to this topic and pulling together so many useful resources. Thank you also for modeling and embodying what trauma informed yoga and yoga for everyone is. You are truly inspiring and this course has motivated me to pursue this particular interest of mine even more. I look forward to integrating it into my teaching practice." -- Yoga for Everyone & Trauma-Informed Practice client

"Excellent teacher! I love how she begins her classes with the interoception practice - a game changer for me. Very knowledgable about trauma and provides a soothing class that's beneficial for me as a trauma survivor. Thank you!!!" -- Therapeutic Yoga client

"Thank you so much Kathleen for your kindness of heart and generosity in your teaching. I come out of our sessions feeling grounded and centered. I appreciate your approach - every word is measured - the tone and pacing are appreciated." -- Yoga of the Subtle Body client

"Kathleen's compassion and empathy come through even online. I love her gentle inviting approach. Her voice never fails to soothe and calm. She really creates a space where each person can care for themselves in the moment in just the way they need. Her style of offering is so soothing and nourishing, especially these days when there is so much coming up internally and unfolding externally. I love the online platform as it allows me to practice from the comfort of my home and remain in the sweet slow brainwave as I get ready for bed." -- Therapeutic Yoga client

"She is clear. Welcoming. Invitational. Grounding. Calm. The container she creates is wonderful. Kathleen gently and consistently invites me to be present just as I am and to celebrate in a simple way. You feel accepted for who you are and restored after her class. I am grateful for all I have learned with her." -- Therapeutic Yoga client

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